On the 25th anniversary of Wales voting for a devolved government, people were asked "What difference has it made to your area?"

Locals, residents and readers responded with varied reflections.

One gave a scathing response and said: "Nothing to enhance the lives of Welsh citizens, the current state of Welsh politics is an embarrassment."

However, not all were cynical.

A contented resident said: "I’m pleased and proud that we have our own devolved government".

Another saw the perks of the decision, saying: "We still have free prescriptions so that's nice".

However, there were negative remarks too, with one reader saying: "Pretty much sent us back to Victorian times" while another noted: "Absolutely nothing, that's why I voted against it".

The lack of impact was a recurring theme.

As one voter who regretted his choice said: "Unfortunately and to my own personal shame, I voted for it and what a total waste of money that was.

"The Welsh Government has no real powers unless it comes to implementing 20mph speed limits, and all the important decisions are made in Westminster".

Still, another claimed it was a step towards independence, saying: "It is good preparation for the day when Wales becomes independent."