Legendary punk pioneer with The Mekons, Jon Langford is back in his hometown of Newport to lead both bands tonight in the city’s premier independent gig venue.

His latest project is Bright Shiners, his US-based group with three other members from Texas and Jon’s adopted city of Chicago.

With acoustic and electric guitars, mellotron and violin they play a chilled selection of rock-folk tunes showcased on their debut album Where it Really Starts which they are promoting with a few UK dates.

Jon and his Men of Gwent are promoting the vinyl edition of their fabulous new album Lost on Land and Sea.  And they’re firing on all cylinders tonight. It’s great to hear live versions of the songs on the album which received a four-star review in Mojo magazine.

Standout songs of the evening are Lost in the Wentwood, mandolin and guitar player Julian Hayman’s bucolic paen to the mysterious ancient woodland. It’s a powerful number with vivid lyricism which Hayman delivers with precision and passion.

Then there is Encounter with a Selkie off Llangrannog , Jon’s tale of a meeting with the mythical creature. It has a magnificent chorus and is delivered with Jon’s infectious enthusiasm. He is clearly having a great time tonight on his home turf in front of a loyal crowd. Irish radio DJ Liam Smith even flew in from Dublin for the gig.

It was a rousing performance from the magnificent Men of Gwent and another triumphant return to Wales for Jon, a prolific musical and artistic talent whose creative output continues unabated.

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