A PETITION LAUNCHED last week by frustrated drivers in South Wales to scrap the 50mph speed limits on parts of the M4 in Newport has almost reached its official signature target of five thousand. 

Since its creation on May 6, the petition has garnered more than four thousand signatures, with less than five hundred to go until the target of five thousand is reached.

The driver behind the petition, Christopher Davies, has said he created the petition because he believes it is causing "unnecessary delays and hindering economic growth". 

He also believes it is "not only costly but also detrimental to our local economy" and is discouraging businesses and investors from coming to Wales. 

Thousands of people have signed, agreeing with Mr Davies' concerns about economic growth and increased delays on the roads. 

Many have also pointed to the higher levels of pollution being caused by the congestion where lorries, cars and trucks are being forced to back up in massive queues of traffic. 

Others have said it is "ridiculous" and is causing "more problems than it solves" and have joined the calls for the speed limit to be scrapped. 

The petition is calling for a return to the national speed limit on the motorway, with Mr Davies claiming that it has "been proven effective in other parts of the country". 

In amongst the calls for the speed limit to be scrapped to help the environment have also been calls for plans for an M4 relief road to be reconsidered, with one person saying the relief road could help to make the M4 "a free-flowing road". 

The 50mph speed limit on parts of the M4 have been in place for 18 months, since November 2022. 

The Welsh Government has been asked about the implementation of the speed limit and what the future plans are for the M4. 

A spokesperson previously told the Argus: “The 50mph average speed limit on the M4 around Newport was introduced to improve air quality and smooth the flow of traffic.

“Transport for Wales is also working on the recommendations of the Southeast Wales Transport Commission.

"This includes plans for six new stations between Cardiff and Newport, prioritising local bus services and making it easier for people to walk and cycle.”

The petition currently stands at 4,794 signatures at the time of writing on Tuesday, May 14, with 116 new signatures having been added in the past 24 hours.