A community hub near Newport can continue thanks to investment from architects and the Welsh Government.

The survival of the centre on Rogerstone's Wern Industrial Estate, which accommodates more than 10 local enterprises, charities, and community groups, is now assured due to financial support firm Skerryvore Designs and the Welsh Government's £300,000 regeneration grant.

Previously a Trebor sweet factory, the building lay abandoned for more than five years before being repurposed in 2015 by Faith Church as a community hub.

The church started using it as a venue for Sunday services, leasing it from the former owner, Avana Bakeries, and subsequently leading the bakers to Equippers, a church network, who purchased the premises two years later.

Renamed The Warehouse, the building continues to be leased from Equippers by Faith Church.

The church has gradually transformed the premises to house an increasing number of community groups and offer affordable office space.

Among its tenants are a nail salon, a fully-equipped gym, a printing business, and an independent financial adviser.

All profits from the rentals are reinvested in the building's development and upkeep.

The Warehouse houses a variety of community groups, from a music school, theatre groups, and sporting clubs to a toddler's music group.

A community café, The Loading Bay Café, was added in 2018, providing employment opportunities for individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds and becoming a hub for numerous social gatherings.

Despite facing uncertainty in the summer of 2023 when Equippers decided to sell, Skerryvore Designs, led by Steve Groucott, secured the building.

Faith Church pastor, Mike Taylor, said: "The Warehouse project has certainly been a roller-coaster ride.

"It is incredible to think how far we’ve come since 2015 and I’m really proud of the diverse community that relies on the building today for work, as well as for important social interaction."

Upon sealing the building's sale in January, Skerryvore acquired 25 per cent of the freehold and the first-floor offices.

Subsequently, thanks to Welsh Government's Tackling Poverty Fund, Faith Church purchased the remaining 75 per cent of the building.

This allowed Pastor Taylor and his team to continue their activities.

Steve Groucott reflected warmly on the experience, saying: "Skerryvore became temporary tenants at The Warehouse in the summer of 2022 and it was incredible to see first-hand all the fantastic work that was being done, not just in transforming the space but also in fostering a real community spirit."

The refurbishment of the office space is complete, with all but three units rented out to small businesses and startups.

Further improvement plans include upgrading existing areas to make them regularly usable.

Pastor Taylor shared: "Now that the future of the building is secure, we have some exciting plans for further improvements.

"We have just been designated as a 'Warm Space' by Newport City Council, which enables us to provide a free hot drink and snack during certain times to people who are facing fuel poverty over the winter."

The National Lottery Community Fund has provided a £20,000 grant to improve the auditorium so that it can host live events in a 200-seater venue for the community to use.

In a bid to enhance accessibility and sustainability, the Faith Church is also considering expanding car parking and seeking funding to decrease the building's environmental impact.