There are some new arrivals in a Pembrokeshire landmark, after baby Humboldt penguin chicks were born at Folly Farm.

The zoo welcomed five chicks who are the first since 2021.

Folly Farm was able to restart the breeding programme for these vulnerable species, in partnership with the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums (EAZA) as part of a managed European Breeding Programme.

The threats Humboldt penguins face in their natural environment include habitat loss, pollution, climate change and reduced food availability due to commercial fishing.

Established breeding programmes within zoos and animal collections offer a haven to ensure population protection for these vulnerable creatures.

Breeding had been previously stalled at Folly Farm due to its Penguin Coast reaching capacity after the farm offered a new home to a colony of Macaroni penguins in 2021.

South Wales Argus: Keeper Becky with youngest chick GorgonzolaKeeper Becky with youngest chick Gorgonzola (Image: Folly Farm)

This occurred when a fellow EAZA zoo had to close due to financial strains related to the covid-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, restrictions on animal movements in and out of Europe following the pandemic have only recently been relieved.

The penguins are currently nestled in their boxes, cared for by their parents who alternate between feeding the babies and a swim in the pool.

Little penguins have a high growth rate, with their weights often doubling or tripling within a few days.

In the weeks to come, the chicks will be shifted into their Penguin Nursery, under the guidance of experienced zookeepers.

Here, they will learn how to feed on whole fish and comfortably swim within a smaller 'baby pool'. Upon graduating, they will return to the main pool to join the rest of the colony.

The naming theme for this season's chicks is cheese, with the new arrivals named Mozzarella, Camembert, Cheddar, Halloumi and Gorgonzola.

South Wales Argus: In total, five Humboldt chicks were born at Folly FarmIn total, five Humboldt chicks were born at Folly Farm (Image: Folly Farm)

Penguin keeper and assistant zoo manager, Caz Davies, said: "We’re so excited to have chicks again.

"Each breeding season, keepers choose a catchy naming theme to easily identify the birds – and over the many successful breeding seasons we’ve had an array of fun themes.

"From ice lollies and scientists, to Simpsons’ characters and presidents.

"Penguin chicks can't be sexed until they're a bit older and feather samples can be taken from them so we'll just have to wait on a gender reveal for now!"

The first chick, Mozzarella, was born to parents Magnum and Feast on March 30, followed by Camembert from parents Perci and Puffy on April 2.

Cheddar hatched to Whippy and Pippy on May 5, with Halloumi following on May 10 to Einstein and Darwin.

Lastly, Gorgonzola arrived on May 14 to proud penguin parents Popple and Pudding.

For current updates, readers are encouraged to follow the Folly Farm's website and social media platforms.