A Newport brewery has teamed up with a Welsh distillery to create a new whisky range.

The intriguing alliance sees Tiny Rebel Brewery, based in Rogerstone, collaborating with Hensol Castle Distillery to produce a distinctive single malt Welsh whisky.

Over the past 18 months, Tiny Rebel, under the guidance of head brewer Mark Gammons, has been contract brewing a custom-made 100 per cent malted barley beer wash.

This concoction forms the basis for the distillation process carried out at Hensol Castle Distillery.

This intricate process results in a whisky of 'unparalleled depth and individuality.'

The collaboration began when the vision of Dai Wakely, master distiller at Hensol Castle, paired with the technical expertise of Mark Gammons.

Last year, the distillers laid down their first 200Lex-Jack Daniels barrel of Welsh single malt whisky.

It is now under the watchful eyes of head distiller Kyle Jones and technical distillery Carl Andrews.

Dai Wakely, the creative force behind the project, is responsible for the whisky's packaging design, cask-sourcing and marketing strategies.

Mr Wakeley said: "The pinnacle of being a distiller is to create a multitude of original single malts.

"The evolution of the whisky is a fascinating one; initially we noted flavours of banana and bubble gum, which matured into nuanced notes of vanilla, dried fruit and sweet spice, after resting in ex-bourbon barrels for 12 months."

Expressing his satisfaction with Tiny Rebel, Mr Wakely added: "Working with Tiny Rebel has been a breeze.

"The turnaround time was remarkably quick, and the beer wash received is consistently of the highest quality."

Tiny Rebel and Hensol Castle Distillery aim to build a legacy for their whisky.

Echoing Mr Wakely's sentiment, they hope to carve out their own niche alongside prestigious Welsh distilleries such as Penderyn and Aberfalls.

Hensol Castle Distillery showcases an exciting potential with a capacity to bottle up to six million bottles of spirits per annum.

The establishment, launched as recently as 2021, has already seen success, with its Hensol Castle gins winning numerous accolades, including Best in Country at this year's World Gin Award and an additional 15 gold medals won for contract bottling clients in 2023.