Shoppers across the UK are just discovering there is a way to claim free items from Tesco supermarkets.

The supermarket giant is already known for giving shoppers discounts through its Clubcard rewards scheme.

But did you know you can claim free items from Tesco by simply collecting your receipt?

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Tesco shoppers share little-known trick to claim free items

Shoppers have just begun to realise there is a voucher on the bottom of some receipts offering them a free item.

People have taken to Facebook group Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK to share this little-known trick and what free items they have claimed.

Recent free items given away at Tesco have included Bold Platiunum washing liquid pods, Ariel Gel, Ninjamas, Pampers pull ups and Bold washing liquid gel.

One person, commenting in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, said: "I got one (voucher) for fairy washing gel 26 washes, I was a little surprised."

Another commented: "I got 3 different ones, bold liquid, pampers and always towels."

A third shopper said: "Got mine the other day; normally don’t get a receipt so pleased I did."

Explaining more about the Tesco vouchers another group member added: "Ask for your receipt with every transaction, it's completely random and it's other items being given away . Including household products."

The little-known trick has forced some to change the way they shop when heading to Tesco. 

Another Tesco customer on the Facebook group posted: "Last night I popped to tesco for a few bits and they asked if I wanted a receipt witch I normally say no like most people now but said yes this time and as I was about to walk off he said hang on you have a receipt for free item I'll get it for you!

"So it actually wasn't free but it was only 50p not bad mite start saying yes to receipts again."

The vouchers are only available for those with a Tesco Clubcard.


How to claim free items at Tesco

Simply collect a receipt that has one of the vouchers on it, then take it to a checkout operator in any participating Tesco store with your Clubcard and redeem your free item.

It's that's simple.