A Pontypool school has become the first Welsh language school in the UK to be awarded Silver status for reflection in education.

In addition to the core subjects, Ysgol Panteg Primary school has introduced reasoned thinking as part of their curriculum.

Children from three years onwards engage in discussions which gradually develop into philosophical debates as they progress in the school's Philosophy for Children programme.

Ysgol Panteg is the first Welsh school in the UK awarded Silver status by the Society for the Advancement of Philosophical Enquiry and Reflection in Education. The society supervises the programme and aids in its development.

The curriculum ranges from subjects such as technology's importance, self-care and personal safety to profound questions like, 'What is friendship?' and 'What is true happiness?'

The pupils explore and express their thoughts through oral, written, and hands-on activities.

Bethany Llewellyn, head of the programme at the school, said: "It has really supported children across all year groups to become children who are thinking people.

"We’ve seen their critical thinking skills develop fantastically over the last two years and they are able to formulate their arguments in a sensitive and sophisticated way."

Ms Llewellyn also mentioned a popular session where the children discussed 'what is love?,’ saying it gave them a chance to delve deeply.

Ollie, a Year 5 pupil, shared his experience: "I love our class debates because it allows me to think about big questions and questions without one answer.

"I love it because it includes everyone, and everyone gets to share their views."

Dr Matthew Williamson-Dicken, the head teacher, said that achieving the Silver SAPERE accreditation was a significant milestone for the school which reflects an ongoing commitment towards nurturing their students into thoughtful individuals equipped with essential critical thinking skills.

He said: "Our pupils consistently astound me – from their bilingual speaking skills to their dedication to active listening.

"Taking part in programmes like this ensures we offer pupils a rich and varied learning experience and is one of the many reasons why our pupils enjoy coming to school."