A Gwent alternative rock band is releasing their third single.

The Black Vultures' new track, 'Every Part of Me', is straying in a different direction from the band's first two singles, 'Treat Me Like An Animal' and 'Never Say'.

Despite this shift, the band is confident that the latest song will entice listeners eager for fresh yet familiar alternative rock.

Based in the heart of the Gwent Valleys, The Black Vultures are vocalist and rhythm guitarist Huw Williams, lead guitarist Aled Owen Jones, bassist Mitch Casey who also handles backing vocals and drummer Brandon Pritchard.

Represented by Forge Amp Management, the quartet is carving out a robust reputation in the live scene, with a significant performance at the anticipated Planet Rock Stock in November 2024 bolstering their credentials.

'Every Part of Me', which becomes available to all streaming platforms on June 14 but will be heard on the radio from May 24, was recorded with renowned producer Chris Peet of North House Studio, Crumlin.

The new single muses on a situation - business, pleasure, or a relationship - where things aren't falling into place due to strong personalities sharing the same space with no apparent resolution.

Suggesting the intense emotional and physical investment that can sour, the song underscores the need for a clean break, hence the title 'Every Part of Me'. Reflecting the raw tones of the single, an accompanying video will be released slightly later than the track.

Likely appealing to fans of bands like Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam, and Kings of Leon, among others, The Black Vultures cover broad territory.

The name 'The Black Vultures' came from their collective admiration for The Black Keys, Black Sabbath, and Them Crooked Vultures.

Following the release, The Black Vultures are set to return to the studio in June 2024 to work on their fourth single, again collaborating with Chris Peet.