NEWPORT residents have been curious to know more about the film crews that have been spotted in the Kingsway Shopping Centre underpass, with The Argus being given a behind-the-scenes exclusive.

Kingsway Shopping Centre has been chosen by the BBC as the location to film a new drama series, Fallen Divas, delighting onlookers and shopkeepers alike.

Vicky Young from the store, Glorious George, said: “We’re not entirely sure what’s being filmed but there are a lot of cameras and people about, it’s really exciting for the centre”.

South Wales Argus: Filming in Kingsway Shopping CentreFilming in Kingsway Shopping Centre (Image: Newsquest)

The series promises to bring "thrilling drama and captivating performances to audiences around the world".

Members of the production team said they have been "enjoying spare time in the centre and its shops".

South Wales Argus: Production team on siteProduction team on site (Image: Newsquest)

In addition to hosting the BBC production, the Kingsway Centre owner, Niall Leyton-Boyce has been actively reaching out to other entertainment companies, including Channel 4 and Netflix, for future opportunities.

A spokesperson for the Kingsway Shopping Centre said: "The goal is to bring more exciting and innovative projects to Newport, further establishing the city as a hub for creativity and art.

South Wales Argus: Production team on siteProduction team on site (Image: Newsquest)

"With its central location and versatile spaces, the Kingsway Centre is the perfect setting for a wide range of productions.

"The Kingsway offers facilities and a dynamic atmosphere that are sure to inspire creative eyes and all who enter its doors.

South Wales Argus: Cast members for Fallen DivasCast members for Fallen Divas (Image: Newsquest)

South Wales Argus: Security and film crews at Kingsway Shopping CentreSecurity and film crews at Kingsway Shopping Centre (Image: Newsquest)

"The Kingsway Centre is committed to bring in high-quality productions to the city and host events that will showcase Newport's thriving arts scene.

"Stay tuned for more exciting projects and announcements coming soon to the Kingsway Centre and our vibrant home of Newport."

Earlier in May, the film crews were spotted in the Newport bus station in Upper Dock Street, Market Street, and Griffin Street which affected traffic in the area.

The production team has been in and around the Kingsway Centre throughout this week (week beginning May 20) and will be around until the end of the week.