HERE at the Argus, we love a good pub, and we want to tell you about all the best ones in Newport and across Gwent.

In the latest of our series, we go to Newport and the city centre where we visit McCann’s Rock N Ale Bar on the High Street.

The pub sits on 11 High Street, which used to be E Fennell and Son, Fish, Game and Fruit Merchants.

McCann’s opened eight years ago on April, 16, 2016, we spoke to owner and manager Amy McCann who told us about her inspiration for opening a pub.

She said: “I had the Hornblower down on Commercial Street for a few years, I started working there for my parents when I was 16 and then I owned it myself.

South Wales Argus: McCann's is popular with bikers. Picture: McCann'sMcCann's is popular with bikers. Picture: McCann's (Image: McCann's)

“Things started getting quiet down the bottom end of town and luckily this building came up and we haven’t looked back, it’s the best move we made as there is a lot more footfall up the top end of town compared to the bottom.

“I have always had a background in pubs, I grew up with my parents in the pub trade and McCann’s has become extremely popular, all our regulars from the Hornblowers came with us.”

Miss McCann believes that the atmosphere of the pub, its music and its amazing staff are what makes the pub popular.

“It’s the atmosphere, the rock music and motorbikes and amazing staff that make us extremely popular.

“We have original live music every Friday downstairs in The Pit, and cover bands play here every two weeks on a Saturday.”

South Wales Argus: McCann's has an extensive range of beers, ciders and ales. Picture: Mccann'sMcCann's has an extensive range of beers, ciders and ales. Picture: Mccann's (Image: McCann's)

The pub doesn’t serve food, but has a barbecue on a Bike Night once a month depending on the weather forecast.

They have a generous range of drinks from the popular Butty Bach and guest Ales, along with the usual Carling, Guinness, John Smiths, Mahou, Strongbow Dark Fruit, Strongbow, Inches, Stella and Red Stripe.

McCann’s also has 20 different rums along with bottled lagers and ciders.

She added: “We have some great deals off our brewery, and we want to say to the public to keep supporting your local pubs and live music venues.”