A Monmouthshire-based company has shown its pioneering device at an Indian conference.

Afon Technology, recognised for its cutting-edge medical technology, exhibited its innovative non-invasive wearable blood glucose sensor at DTechCon, a major diabetes tech conference held in Kochi, India.

The company is developing the world's first non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device, called Glucowear™. This innovative technology is designed to ease the lives of diabetes patients by eliminating the need for needles in monitoring blood sugar levels.

Sabih Chaudhry, Afon Technology’s CEO, said: "Our participation at DTechCon last weekend was a remarkable opportunity for us to showcase our revolutionary non-invasive blood glucose device on an international stage."

He added: "This event provided us with an incredible platform to interact with key opinion leaders, share our innovative technology, and demonstrate our commitment to transforming diabetes management."

Amit Gupta, a founder of Dtech and secretary of the Society, was similarly enthusiastic, saying: "The recent conference in Kochi was a resounding success, bringing together leading experts and innovators in the field.

"We were privileged to have Afon present their groundbreaking Glucowear technology, which promises to revolutionise diabetes management."

Gupta further praised the benefits of Glucowear, stating: "Afon Technology is developing Glucowear – a non-invasive, continuous glucose monitoring system that uses radio frequency sensors to provide real-time blood glucose readings without the need for painful finger pricks or invasive procedures.

"This technology will offer significant advantages, including no time lag in results, continuous detection and the ability to monitor glucose levels discreetly via a smartwatch or smartphone.

"We are hoping that this technology will soon be available in India."

Afon Technology, known for its innovative wearable healthcare technology, aims to improve patient outcomes and quality of life with its cutting-edge solutions.

As such, its newest device promises to revolutionise blood glucose monitoring, eliminating the pain, discomfort and other side effects associated with current glucose monitoring options.