Welsh farmers are being urged to not cut corners this harvest.

The call comes from the Wales Farm Safety Partnership (WFSP) due to the increased pressure on farmers this season.

Weather delays have led to a backlog of work, but WFSP highlighted that safety must not be compromised.

Farmers are reminded to maintain their machines, check in-cab items and be aware of overhead electricity cables, among other things.

Frequent hydration and sun protection are vital during the hottest part of the day.

"Drink plenty of water, wear sun cream and a hat, and keep arms and legs covered," advised Brian Rees, a farmer who also trains and mentors in health and safety at Farming Connect.

Farmers are asked not to work alone if possible, to always let someone know their location, keep their mobile phone on hand and to wear hi-vis clothing when directing drivers.

WFSP also suggested making arrangements for staff changeovers to avoid fatigue.

Higher standards of road safety for slow-moving farm vehicles are also encouraged.

For further advice, farmers can attend the RWAS Sustainable Grassland and Muck event at Trawscoed Farm on May 30.