A MAN from Newport said he was 'so lucky' to be at a Nicki Minaj concert after he won a $1000 dollars in cash.

Liam Goodyear from Newport attended a Nicki Minaj concert on Sunday, May 26, in Birmingham. What he didn't know when he walked in is he would walk out with $1000 after a surprising interaction with the international pop star.

Mr Goodyear, 27, said he has followed Nicki Minaj since 2009 and said, "I have attended every concert she's ever done in the UK."

South Wales Argus: Liam Goodyear won $1000 dollars in cashLiam Goodyear won $1000 dollars in cash (Image: Liam Goodyear)

He described it as a "pinch-me moment", calling it "absolutely crazy".

What happened?

The Nicki Minaj fan said the pop star pointed her microphone at him twice throughout the night.

The first time, Liam Goodyear claims she asked him where he was from. When he replied with Wales, Mr Goodyear said "she then went on to speak fondly of Diana, Princess of Wales."

Later in the evening, the international singer offered $1000 dollars to the Newport-resident if he could "rap her verse with no mistakes - I did just this and she handed me $1k." The song chosen for the performance was Bang Bang.

South Wales Argus: Liam GoodyearLiam Goodyear (Image: Liam Goodyear)

Mr Goodyear claims Nicki Minaj has performed at three more shows in the UK since her concert in Birmingham (in Manchester, London and Glasgow). After checking with friends and social media feeds, he found that she has not done the giveaway at any of these shows.

He said: "It was a one off at one show.

"I was so lucky to be at that show, it was meant to be."

South Wales Argus: Liam Goodyear at the Nicki Minaj concert in Birmingham, directly behind the barriersLiam Goodyear at the Nicki Minaj concert in Birmingham, directly behind the barriers (Image: Liam Goodyear)

Social media response

When asked about the response he has had on social media since the concert on Sunday, Liam Goodyear has said his TikTok, Instagram and Twitter followers have increased.

@liamgoodyear0 MY MOMENT 4 LIFE #GagCity #nickiminaj #gagcitytour #fyp #viral @Nicki Minaj ♬ original sound - Liam Goodyear


"All week, every time I go on my phone, my TikTok followers have gone up by more than 1000 with 30k likes and 200k views on one video," said Mr Goodyear, who added that he "doubled followers on Twitter" as well.

Nicki Minaj has since followed Liam Goodyear on Twitter.