Cwmbran has been named among the top 10 best new towns in Britain in a list compiled by The Telegraph.

Labour are promising to build new towns across the UK to help solve the housing crisis.

Labour’s deputy leader and shadow housing secretary Angela Rayner said creating new towns was a key part of her party’s plan to build 1.5 million homes over five years.

This is not the first time a Labour Government has built new towns.

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The post-war Labour government launched a similar concept to deal with overcrowding in London and other big cities.

From 1947 to 1970, 32 new towns were established across Britain including the likes of Harlow, Milton Keynes, Runcorn and Peterborough.

The New Towns Act was passed in 1946 and with the originals approaching their 80th birthday, The Telegraph has revealed Britain's top 10 best new towns.

Britain's best new towns

The best new towns in Britain, according to The Telegraph, are:

  1. Milton Keynes
  2. Stevenage
  3. East Kilbride
  4. Washington
  5. Skelmersdale
  6. Harlow
  7. Cumbernauld
  8. Cwmbran
  9. Corby
  10. Preston

Why Cwmbran is one of Britain's best new towns

Cwmbran, located in Torfaen, was named eighth best new town in Britain on The Telegraph's list.

Reflecting on the "new" town's journey, the news outlet said: "In the case of the only Mark 1 new town in Wales, an area of 3,160 acres surrounding the village of Cwmbran was to be 'Where the Future is Happening Now', a model mini-city with a central shopping and civic area surrounded by residential neighbourhoods and zoned industrial areas.

"Each neighbourhood would have around 5,000 residents and its own core of shops, schools, health centres, community halls and places of worship. 

"The early stages were not without their problems; aesthetics were sidelined to meet the fast pace of development.

"The one standout Modernist building is the concrete mural-clad lift shaft at Monmouth Square, built by William Mitchell, with a block of 'luxury flats' looming over it."


The Telegraph continued: "As the town developed, its projected size had to increase and many of the original ideals were diluted.

"Cwmbran today has a population of more than 48,000 – making it the sixth-largest urban area in Wales – and a solid manufacturing base.

"It’s neither pretty nor visionary, but shows how new town attention gave birth to a relatively prosperous new centre."