A PARROT will be joining members of its family on a charity bike ride from from Abergavenny to Camborne to raise money for a vital cause.

Kiki the bright green Amazon parrot will be joining Mel Sussex, Paul Blowers, Mel's son Bradley, Paul's son Sam, and Mel's son-in-law Mark. The group aim to complete a 240-mile cycling journey beginning Monday June 10, for five days.

Mel Sussex, 74, said the idea for a cross-country bike ride came from his position as captain of the Monmouthshire Golf Club in Abergavenny, where he chose 'Asthma and Lung UK' as his chosen charity.

South Wales Argus: Kiki the green, Amazon parrot, on a bikeKiki the green, Amazon parrot, on a bike (Image: Paul Blowers)

Mr Sussex said: "We’ll raise funds for Asthma and Lung UK, in memory of my grandson, Gavin Hocking, who tragically died from an asthma attack aged just 17."

Gavin passed away in 2005 after the fatal asthma attack. Mel’s son-in-law and Gavin’s step dad will also be joining the bike ride.

South Wales Argus: Mel Sussex chose the charity, Asthma and Lung UK, in honour of his deceased grandson, Gavin Hocking.Mel Sussex chose the charity, Asthma and Lung UK, in honour of his deceased grandson, Gavin Hocking. (Image: Brett Pitchfork)

Charity bike ride

Mel’s brother-in-law Paul Blowers, 68, from Andover and owner of Kiki the parrot, said he would join the family bike ride as he loves to cycle.

Mr Blowers explained that Kiki is 24 this year, having been born in the year 2000. He said: "There are lots of lovely country lanes here. I've been doing a lot of checks and I've taken Kiki out.

"Once he has the lead on, I perch him on the bike and you can see he's happy to sit there and even blows kisses when we're on the bike which shows he’s enjoying it."

South Wales Argus: Paul Blowers and 24-year-old KikiPaul Blowers and 24-year-old Kiki (Image: Paul Blowers)

Mel Sussex, captain of the Monmouthshire Golf Club in Abergavenny, said he has done three 100-mile bike rides and the London Marathon so far and the group will aim to tackle 40 to 50 miles a day for five days.

Three support vehicles will accompany the group of five bikers from Abergavenny, to Gavin's home town of Camborne in Cornwall.

The support vehicles will be driven by the wives of Paul, Mel and his daughter Helen, Gavin’s mum.

South Wales Argus: Paul and KikiPaul and Kiki (Image: Paul Blowers)

Asthma and Lung UK

At 74, Mel Sussex is the most senior rider in the family team. He said: "I am also an asthma sufferer, but I’m riding to honour Gavin’s memory and to highlight the vital work of Asthma and Lung UK in the fight for everyone’s right to breathe."

Mr Sussex added: "Asthma is a silent killer, and people and children suffer really badly with it . People don't realise it's a killer."

Paul Blowers, Kiki's guardian, said: "One in five of us will develop a lung condition during our lifetime.

South Wales Argus: Paul Blowers with Kiki the parrotPaul Blowers with Kiki the parrot (Image: Paul Blowers)

"Asthma nearly took Sam’s life (Paul's son) when he was young, but he was saved, sadly Gavin was not so fortunate."

The group have set up a fundraiser, collecting over £3,000 so far. 

To donate, click on the following link: https://www.justgiving.com/page/mel-sussex-1708679509348