A holidaymaker claims doctors had to fight to save her life after she returned from a four-star holiday with Hepatitis.

Olivia Hartley says she nearly died after coming home from her £1,400 EasyJet holiday in Egypt last year.

The 28-year-old was holidaying with her fiancé at the all-inclusive resort in Hurghada when the pair began to feel unwell.

On the flight home Olivia claims her partner Thomas vomited 'six times' while she began experiencing sickness and diarrhoea.

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Unable to keep any food or water down for three days, Olivia was hospitalised with dehydration and told by doctors that her liver and kidney function was abnormal.

Doctors told Olivia that it was 'very likely' she was infected with Hepatitis A, which she believes was caught at the hotel, claiming staff “didn’t wash their hands after going to the toilet.”

Olivia said: "The doctors told me my liver was in a very bad way and I have kidney damage from the dehydration.

"They were very worried about the liver results and concerned due to the high hepatitis rates in Egypt. With all that, they said it's very likely you have hepatitis. They were 99.9 per cent sure I'd got it from the hotel.

"They were very sure it was hepatitis and told me if my liver doesn't start to improve, you will need an emergency liver transplant in Leeds, which was terrifying.

"In my head, I was thinking the worst. It was a very scary time. No one could fully agree on a treatment plan. I felt very vulnerable.

"I was scared I would die. I asked if I could go home and they said no, if you go into organ failure, you won't make it to Leeds, it was very serious."

EasyJet apologised for the customer's experience and said they were proactively reaching out to the customer to try to resolve the issue.

An EasyJet holidays spokesperson said: "We're really sorry to hear about this customer's experience, and we're proactively reaching out to resolve their complaints, now that they've been brought to our attention.

"It's our priority to support our customers throughout their experience, from the booking process to returning home, and we want nothing more than to deliver brilliant holidays."