RESIDENTS of one street in Newport have been taking to social media and the local council's planning site to express their anger over a potential house of multiple occupancy (HMO) being approved. 

Usk Street in Newport is already home to two HMOs, and many local residents are already having difficulty dealing with the increased traffic and noise these properties inevitably bring. 

Developer Bowen Investments Limited has applied to convert 20 Usk Street into a house in multiple occupation, with the application being officially submitted and validated on Friday, May 10. 

Numerous residents have been consulted as part of these plans, which are currently in the public consultation stage. 

A total of 39 residents have commented on the proposals, with a staggering 38 or 97.4 per cent of residents objecting to the application. 

As well as objecting on the council's official planning portal, residents have taken to social media to display their disgust at the potential new property. 

One resident shared a picture of a note put through her door by developer Bowen Investments Limited on Facebook group St Julians Matters on Thursday, May 23. 

The note read: "We would like to inform you that we have submitted a HMO application at 20 Usk Street and would like to alleviate any concerns which you may have. 

"Our HMOs are produced to a high standard in order to attract the best possible tenants. All tenants will be employed professionals such as NHS staff, solicitors, and teachers. 

"HMOs are a low cost alternative for many people who don't have the luxury of living with family when they leave university and help to bridge the gap while they save a deposit for their own property. 

"Once the renovation is complete, we always provide the neighbouring properties with contact details in the unlikely event that there are any issues at the property."

The developer has also welcomed any questions to be sent through social media or on email. 

The proposals have been described as "a joke" with many people encouraging others to comment their objections on the planning portal. 

People have been "strongly object[ing]" to the application, with many citing the increase in "noise, build up rubbish, car parking and devaluation of properties", arguing that any new HMO is likely to have a  "detrimental effect on the other properties". 

Despite the majority of people objecting to the idea, there have been some commenters who say the see the need for the HMO, pointing to the rising cost of living as a reason for people needing "affordable places to live". 

The planning application is currently awaiting a final decision from Newport City Council's planning officers, and can be viewed or commented on in the portal using this reference code: 24/0401.