WHO DOESN'T love an ice cream on a hot, sunny day?

With temperatures starting to rise, that could be a popular choice for many. 

Here at the Argus, we love to try out some of our readers' favourite places, so our reporter Sallie Phillips went to try Subzero ice cream parlour in Newport. 

Stopping off for an ice cream at the end of a shift sounds like my idea of heaven, and this was my first time at Subzero, so I was excited to visit this highly-talked about place. 

Walking into the parlour, I was suddenly surrounded by ice cream as far as the eye could see. 

After browsing their menu, I asked a staff member what were their most popular desserts, and was quickly pointed to the sundaes. 

As someone with a love of everything cookie, it was an easy choice to choose the cookie dough sundae - vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate sauce, served with whipped cream, milk chocolate cookie pieces, fresh strawberries and a wafer. 

While waiting for my ice cream, I took a wander around the parlour, exploring the dozens of different flavours available, not just for immediate consumption, but also in big tubs, and mini tubs, which I was told you could put into a group of four and take home in one of their signature tubes. 

It wasn't long before my sundae arrived, and I'm not kidding when I tell you it looked glorious. Scoops of vanilla drizzled in chocolate sauce next to a mountain of whipped cream and milk chocolate cookies, finished with wafer biscuits and straws. 

By taking one look at it, I knew it was going to be a richly sweet experience, and was immediately glad for the two fresh strawberries garnishing the dish. 

From the first mouthful, the ice cream was richly creamy, smooth and cool on my tongue. The slight sharpness of strawberries combined gorgeously with the ice cream and sauce, offering corresponding flavours that were absolutely delicious. 

The cookie pieces were warm and soft, breaking apart with one small knock of my spoon, while still being crunchy and chewy on my tongue. 

The whipped cream was also finished by a maraschino cherry, which really was 'the cherry on top'. 

Every element of this dessert was rich, smooth and creamy, with every mouthful making it obvious why this place is so beloved, with branches in Caerphilly and Rhonnda Cynon Taf alongside this branch in Malpas, which opened last year. 

Although I chose one of the most popular dishes, Subzero offers a massive variety of desserts, such as cake and waffles, as well as milkshakes and floats. 

Not only this, but there are around 60 different flavours of ice cream to choose, from the classic flavours of strawberry, raspberry ripple to bubble-gum and birthday cake. 

Eventually I had to admit defeat on my dessert 'mountain' sundae, but I still chose a tube of four unique Subzero ice cream flavours, as I was keen to have the opportunity to try some of the parlour's signature flavours at home. 

It was clear from this visit that Subzero is the place to go if you love everything about ice cream and desserts.