A PUB landlord has been found guilty of killing a Team GB triathlete after he ploughed into the back of her in his van as she was cycling.

Vasile Barbu, 49, from Abergavenny was convicted by a jury following a trial of causing Caldicot mum Rebecca Comins’ death by dangerous driving.

The defendant had pleaded not guilty to the charge.

The mother-of-two died after Barbu smashed into her while driving a Vauxhall Movano on the A40 near Raglan at around 7.20pm on Thursday, June 2, 2022.

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After the jury returned their guilty verdict at Cardiff Crown Court, Judge Shoman Khan thanked the victim’s family for their dignity during the trial.

(Image: Rebecca Comins) Barbu was warned he is going to jail ahead of his sentence next month on July 5.

After granting him conditional bail Judge Khan told him: "This doesn't mean you will get anything other than a prison sentence for this very serious matter."

Barbu could not explain the reason for the crash and claimed he had given Mrs Comins a gap to pass her.

Prosecutor James Wilson told the jury: "He told police he made his manoeuvre to pass and used his hands to indicate to police he made a gliding movement past her.

"He said he then heard a knock, he told police 'I don't think I hit her' but he stopped his van because as the van was fully loaded he thought a parcel had moved in the back.

"He said when he stopped he could not see anything in the back but he saw damage to the headlight then he saw the cyclist on the ground and the damaged bike."

Mr Wilson added: "Rebecca Comins was there to be seen. Visibility was good, she was cycling with a bright rear light so was clearly obvious to other witnesses.

"Her presence on that road was not unexpected.

"Barbu would have seen the road signs for the cycling event taking place and would have passed other similar cyclists before he reached Mrs Comins.

"She was cycling in a proper manner and correctly positioned on the road.

"She was on a long, straight stretch of road with plenty of time for him to see her."

"Further he had space in the outside lane to move into and safely manoeuvre around her and to avoid colliding.

"He instead directly hit Mrs Comins from behind."

Barbu, 48, was fined last year after he admitted more than 20 food regulation offences while the landlord of the Old Pandy Inn, Pandy, near Abergavenny.