A support group for former ICU patients of a Monmouthshire hospital and their families has celebrated its 10th anniversary.

The milestone event for "I.C.U. "Steps, Abergavenny" was observed on June 3 at St. Michael’s Hall, Abergavenny, with a gathering of ex-patients, their relatives, nurses, consultants, and NHS staff, all celebrating the group’s decade-long support and success.

Founded and run by former patients, relatives, and health experts, the group particularly acknowledged the nursing staff whose dedication guarantees the group's existence, with this thanks being given by Joy James.

Other well-remembered figures include Sylvia Ireland who still offers time and advice despite retiring; Lynette Cabarang Catalinio who has been a member for the whole decade; the calm and reassuring Julie Byrne; and Karen Davey. The latter two are part of the diary team who track the recovery journeys of ICU patients.

During the covid-19 pandemic's challenges, the group adapted to online meetings through Zoom.

Nurses joined the Zoom sessions, which was said to have been greatly appreciated by those living alone.

The group is not just for those who have been critically ill but also their families.

ICU Steps Abergavenny regularly organises drop-in meetings where members can share experiences and support each other through their recovery journeys.

Everyone's recovery journey is unique, but sharing the experiences helps to understand the thoughts and feelings are normal.

It also reassures and helps dispel worries about the recovery process for new members.

The support network boasts ex-patients and their families, showing gratitude for the second chance at life offered by the hospital's medics.

Members are encouraged to discuss their experiences to aid the recovery process.

If you wish to share or hear such experiences after an ICU stay, this approachable group is open for contact through their Facebook page.