SEVEN candidates will challenge former Labour MP and candidate for Newport east, Jessica Moden, for the Newport east seat at the general election

Jessica Morden has held the seat as the representative for Newport east since 1997, serving as a Labour party affiliate since 2005.

Boundary changes have affected residents in Newport west and Islwyn and could affect some in the Newport East parliamentary constituency.

The full list of candidates standing in Newport east, is: 

Pippa Bartolotti; Independent Party; Address: Newport east

Rachel Buckler; Welsh Conservative Party; Address: Monmouthshire

Jonathan Thomas Clark; Plaid Cymru; Address: Newport

Mike Ford; Heritage Party; Address: Newport east

Lauren James; The Green Party / Plaid Werdd; Address: Newport west and Islwyn

John Miller; Welsh Liberal Democrats - Democratiaid Rhyddfrydol Cymru; Address: Newport east

Jessica Morden; Welsh Labour / Llafur Cymru; Address: Newport east

Tommy Short; Reform UK; Address: Monmouthshire