FIREFIGHTERS were called to a major blaze at a scrapyard in Cwmcarn earlier this month. 

The South Wales Fire and Rescue Service were called to an incident at the GLJ Recycling Limited site in Cwmcarn just before 10am on Tuesday, June 4. 

According to the service, a fire was "well alight" on the premises by the time fire crews arrived on the scene. 

A spokesperson has confirmed that the blaze was a refuse fire, which was approximately 10 square feet in size, and involved mixed metal waste. 

Fire crews remained on scene for some time to tackle the blaze and damp down the scene once the fire had been extinguished. 

The full statement from the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said: "At approximately 09:45 on 4 June 2024, SWFRS was called to an incident at GLJ Recycling Ltd whereby a fire was well alight on the premises.

"This was a refuse fire approximately 10 square ft in size, involving mixed metal waste.

"Firefighters tackled the blaze and remained on site damping down the scene.

"STOP message received at 11.44am."