A film highlighting the importance of the National Gallery in London will be shown in Chepstow.

"My National Gallery", a new Exhibition on Screen production, will be screened at the Drill Hall, Chepstow, during a special event starting at 7.30pm, Thursday, June 13.

Created to celebrate the well-loved gallery's 200th anniversary, the film explores the profound impact the gallery has had on countless individuals – from security personnel to its director, from ordinary visitors to experts, including royal family members and celebrities.

The film focuses on their unique experiences at the National Gallery, their personal connections with it, and their favourite artworks housed there, offering a perspective on some unexpected choices beyond the famous masterpieces.

The film aims to highlight not just the past and present of the National Gallery but also to explore the potential of the gallery for the future.

By sharing these personal stories, the film offers a unique and diverse view that commemorates the prestigious gallery's bicentenary.

Perceptive and enlightening, the film communicates the power of great art to connect with people from all walks of life, irrespective of their art knowledge, background, or beliefs.

In doing so, this new Exhibition on Screen provides a vivid portrayal of the National Gallery by those whose lives have been significantly influenced by it.

Tickets for the film showing are priced at £10 and can be purchased online in advance from the Drill Hall website.

They can also be bought at the Drill Hall from 6.45pm on the day of the event.

This exhibition is brought to the Drill Hall Chepstow by and in support of the MonLife Heritage Museums.