A MAN who helped those involved in a car crash in Newport on Tuesday, has been described as a 'hero' for his selfless and calm approach, while he went to the shops to get eggs and bread.

Scott Gillies said he just happened to be near the site of a car crash between 2pm and half 2 on Tuesday, June 11, where a car drove into a parked vehicle before accelerating into a block of flats in the Gaer in Newport.

Mr Gillies, 34, said: "I heard a loud bang of a car hitting another cream parked car and then saw a blue car accelerate into a apartment straight threw the living room wall. I sprinted forward to see what had happened and if I could help.

Car crashed into block of flats in Gaer, Newport Car crashed into block of flats in Gaer, Newport (Image: Facebook)

"When I got to the car, a gentleman wearing a Royal Mail outfit was stumbling out of the flat disorientated. I asked if anyone was inside and he shouted 'my mum is in the car'."

Scott recalled the events: "I ran into the building, got into the passenger seat, calmed the elderly female driver down and tried to find the ignition to turn it off and she then told me it was a push start so I pressed the off button and calmed her down and relaxed her.

"Took her seat belt off and I asked her if she was ok or injured.

Structural engineers assessed the damageStructural engineers assessed the damage (Image: Facebook)

"None of the airbags went off, which was surprising.

"The lady wanted to get out of the car, because she was panicking and her door wouldn't open. I helped the driver to get out from the passenger side and held her up because she was unsteady from the shock.

"There was another gentleman who helped me to move the broken ceiling plaster and the wooden frame out of the way so the driver could get out of building."

Cream coloured parked vehicle which was hit by blue Nissan QashqaiCream coloured parked vehicle which was hit by blue Nissan Qashqai (Image: Facebook)

After getting the driver out of the car, Scott shouted, "Is anybody else in here?"

Scott said he heard a groan and "my stomach dropped". He said he thought he might have seen someone crushed under the car.

Mr Gillies said: "I climb over the bonnet and I saw a man who was obviously on the sofa when the car came in, with big shards of glass from the window frame, wood, and bricks on him, even a radiator was half on him and the sofa it was insane.

The blue Nissan Qashqai involved in the crashThe blue Nissan Qashqai involved in the crash (Image: Scott Gillies)

"The car had driven over the left hand side of sofa he was sat on, the left side of the arm chair was underneath the car, so its a miracle that he's alive."

Scott Gillies proceeded to clean the rubble off the man.

He added: "He [the man] couldn't speak to me and was completely grey. I initially thought he was in shock, so I calmed him down, he had a few cuts and scratches but considering what had happened, he was in surprisingly good condition.

Area cordoned off by police tapeArea cordoned off by police tape (Image: Newsquest)

"I asked him questions but he couldn't answer, the man was struggling to breathe.

"I saw he had an oxygen mask which was forcibly removed by the crash from his face.

"I then thought he was struggling to breathe because he didn't have his supply of oxygen.

"I asked if he was injured and told him "I might need to carry you in case the oxygen tank explodes as the cars lights were flasing on and off."

Area cordoned off by police tape with a board where car crashed into flatsArea cordoned off by police tape with a board where car crashed into flats (Image: Newsquest)

After this, someone from the area called emergency services.

Scott Gillies commended Gwent Police officers for getting to the site so quickly, and said: "Hats off to them for getting there so fast."

He added: "Emergency services said they can't access the property because it's dangerous as the property could collapse and the fire brigade man would need to find another way in.

"I climbed over the car into the hallway to open the  front door for them to go in and then left to leave it to the professionals."

Board has been placed where car crashed into flatsBoard has been placed where car crashed into flats (Image: Newsquest)

Scott Gillies said he left after giving a statement to the police, and explained "I was feeling queasy and lightheaded." 

The 34-year-old who happened to be in the area at the time, said: "I only went to the shops to get eggs and bread, I didn't even end up getting that.

The lady and the gentleman in the car are fine if not shaken and I've heard the man on the oxygen tank is in hospital with no broken bones a few cuts and bruises.

"It's really a miracle he is alive."

Watch this video taken by Wesley who was in the area following the crash.