A BUILDING society company with a number of branches across Gwent has officially launched a special banking system. 

Principality Building Society, based in Cardiff but with branches across Gwent, has recently launched the new OneBanx system in its Caerphilly branch. 

According to a post shared on the Facebook group Caerphilly Focus, the OneBanx system will enable customers access to a special machine that enables you to do your banking from one location, regardless of which company you have accounts with. 

The system is designed as part of the team's "commitment to the high street" and will help to provide additional banking support to those who need it. 

The Facebook post announcing the news, which was posted on the same group on Wednesday June 5 by branch manager Elizabeth O'Brien, read: "Hello Caerphilly! 

"Here at Principality Building Society Caerphilly, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new OneBanx machine. 

"All banks. One location. All welcome. 

"As part of our commitment to the high street, we are excited to provide additional support to our community.

"Join us for some light refreshments at our Caerphilly branch on Monday 10th June for the official launch. 

"Thank you all."

A post shared to Caerphilly Focus on Tuesday, June 11, by branch manager Elizabeth O'Brien, from commercial and industrial equipment supplier Glory, congratulated the team on the successful launch.

The post read: "Congratulations to OneBanx and Principality Building Society on the launch of the OneBanx self-service facility in the Principality's Caerphilly branch, helping more UK small businesses, charities and consumers deposit and withdraw cash without charge in their community."

The launch of this machine comes months after big bank companies across Gwent announced they would be closing a number of branches over the next few years. 

Caerphilly alone already lost two big companies in the last year, Barclays in October 2023, and Halifax in November. 

Other big companies including Lloyds, HSBC and TSB have been closing branches across the UK in the last year, with more set to go in 2025.