A production team filming for the BBC show Casualty were seen outside Duffryn Community Centre in Newport.

The film set included cameras, lights, and a fake ambulance which was parked next to Duffryn Convenience Store on June 12. 

The film crew were only filming at the location for the day, but also filmed at Jamaica Circle, a residential area nearby, earlier in the day, said a crew member. 

The latest episode of the show, Storm Damage: Sinking Ships – Day 1, is airing tomorrow at 8.20 pm on BBC Two. 

A trailer for the upcoming episode was released June 12 as part of a multiparter called Storm Damage.

The episode is part of a multipart story which will see characters Cam and Siobhan (played by Barney Walsh and Melani Hill), stuck in a city-wide flash-flood.   

The show is being aired on BBC Two instead of its usual home BBC One to make way for the Italy v Albania match. 

Football fans can watch live coverage of the Euro 2024 match at 7.30 pm hosted by Gary Lineker on BBC one.