Frankie Goes to Bollywood will be in Cardiff this July.

The engaging musical, conceived by Rifco's artistic director, Pravesh Kumar MBE, unfolds the journey of a British woman making her mark in the vibrant world of Bollywood, lending viewers a glimpse into the struggle for success in the glitz and glamour dominated industry.

The plot of the musical unfolds around Frankie, an unexpected star.

Having desired nothing but a close-knit family, her life takes a dramatic turn after a random encounter with an aspiring director.

Suddenly finding herself amidst the fame and fortune of Bollywood, Frankie starts questioning her own limits to attain success.

The musical draws inspiration from the real-life stories of British men and women venturing into Bollywood, aspiring to become known figures in the colourful Indian film industry.

Laila Zaidi, a well-known national theatre persona, personifies the title role of Frankie.

She portrays an isolated character yearning for a familial connection, whose journey towards stardom forces her to confront her own dreams and identity.

Shakil Hussain plays Raju King, known as the King of Bollywood and Helen K. Wint portrays Malika, a savvy Bollywood starlet who skillfully navigates the cutthroat world of the film industry.

The cast also includes Navin Kundra as Prem Kapoor, an independent filmmaker struggling to find his place in the world of Bollywood.

The musical production embraces the culture and the vibrancy of Bollywood, blending it with the essence of a traditional West End extravaganza.

The hybrid music, drawing from both musical theatre and Bollywood, an amalgamation of East and West, holds the potential to mesmerise audiences.

The Rifco Theatre Company, under the leadership of Mr Kumar, has always celebrated the contemporary British Asian experiences and culture.

Owing to Mr Kumar's decade-long experience working in Bollywood and UK theatre, his focus on untold stories and under-represented voices forms a fundamental part of the company's productions.

This mission resonates strongly in the musical Frankie Goes to Bollywood, exploring the journey of Brits in Bollywood with absolute realism and authenticity.

Performances are scheduled between Tuesday, July 16 and Saturday, July 20, 2024 at the New Theatre Cardiff.

This venture has garnered support from renowned companies including Sony Entertainment Television, M.A.C Cosmetics and Lyca Radio, further highlighting the expectations affiliated with the musical production.