A MAN threatened to stab shop staff with a hunting knife before he was Tasered by police.

Schizophrenic Wayne Madley was shot with a stun gun after he had brought terror to Blackwood High Street.

Tom Roberts, prosecuting, told Cardiff Crown Court how the 38-year-old defendant was banned from Iceland and Poundland after previous incidents at the stores.

On December 6, 2022, Madley walked into Iceland and put a bottle of pop into a bag before he was confronted by a member of staff.

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“She asked him to leave and a man who was in the company of the defendant also told him to leave the shop,” Mr Roberts said.

“He didn't – he pushed past that man, walked towards her and he said, ‘Do you want me to get my knife out and stab you in the neck?’

“The other man intervened and said to him, ‘Don’t be stupid Wayne. Let’s get out of here’

“The shop worker began to panic and she moved away.

“The defendant and the man then left the store and she telephoned the police.”

Half an hour later at around 4pm, Madley threatened the manager of Poundland outside his store.

“The defendant, seemingly remembering a previous encounter, called him a c**t and threatened to cut his throat,” Mr Roberts revealed.

“He then pulled out a knife that’s described as having a five-inch blade in the style of a kitchen or hunting knife out of the right pocket of his bomber jacket and pointed it directly at his head.

“The defendant gave the impression of jerking forward with the knife as the manager backed up against the shop window until he couldn't go any further.

“He seemed particularly calm as he held the knife but the manager thought he was about to be stabbed.

“The defendant then pocketed the knife and walked off along the street as if nothing had happened.

“The police were called and he was arrested at a nearby cashpoint.

“He was Tasered due to not complying with the officers’ commands and for reaching into his jacket as he turned towards them.”

Madley, of Pentwyn Avenue, Blackwood pleaded guilty to threatening a person with a knife in a public place.

He has seven previous convictions for 12 offences. None were relevant to this incident.

Adam Sharp representing him said his client was being treated in hospital for his mental disorder after being assessed by two medical experts.

Judge Paul Hobson told Madley: “You’ve been getting help and getting treatment for your schizophrenia and I want that treatment to continue.”

He made a hospital order under the Mental Health Act.