THIS ADORABLE video shows the moment Taylor Swift gives her trademark hat to a young fan in a matching t-shirt - just days after she was surprised with tickets.

Evie Frith, seven, was given the singer's iconic cowboy hat during her performance of hit song 22 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff last night (Tuesday).

The popstar gives a signed, black fedora - that's featured in the music video - to a different fan at every concert while she performs the hit song.

Evie Frith, seven, was given the singer's iconic cowboy hat during her performance of hit song 22 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on Tuesday.Evie Frith, seven, was given the singer's iconic cowboy hat during her performance of hit song 22 at the Principality Stadium in Cardiff on Tuesday. (Image: South West News Service)

And during the only Welsh date of her record-breaking Eras Tour, she gave it to Evie, who was wearing a t-shirt that read 'Not A Lot Going On At The Moment'.

Taylor's top reads 'A Lot Going On At The Moment,' a variation of Evie's, which the star wore in the 22 music video back in 2013.

After Taylor gave the excited youngster the hat, she quickly realised they were matching and pulled her own shirt to acknowledge it and have her a high five.

Evie's mum Kayleigh Frith, 36, says her daughter had the 'best day of her life'.

She said: "It was crazy - I was an emotional wreck and was crying my eyes out.

"She gave her a hug and a high five and they had the same t-shirt on, so she pointed at the tops.

"She said 'this is the best day of my life' and I think she was extremely shellshocked.

"She's woken up this morning extremely excited.

"She's never been to a concert and she loves music, especially Taylor, and she had the absolute time of her life."

Kayleigh says Evie has always loved the 'Shake it Off' singer but became a bigger fan when a film about the concert was released in October last year.

They weren't able to get tickets when they were first put on sale, but managed to get them Sunday evening - just two days before the concert.

Kayleigh surprised the school girl with the tickets and a heartwarming video shows her crying when she find out she was going to the gig.

South West News ServiceSouth West News Service (Image: South West News Service)

Kayleigh said: "We got tickets literally on Sunday.

"I think they released more tickets once the stage had been set up because they thought some seats may had been restricted.

"I kept going on there all weekend and got four tickets on Sunday evening - it was a complete fluke really.

"She cried her eyes out - I told her that evening because I couldn't keep it in.

"She was obviously really excited and when I told her it was on Tuesday, she cried her eyes out because she thought she would have to wait a few months."

Kayleigh says Evie was dancing to Taylor's 2008 smash hit Love Story when a staff member came and grabbed the school girl and took her to the stage.

The pair say they had an idea about what was happening, but Kayleigh didn't want to say anything to Evie incase she 'got her hopes up.'

She said: "She was dancing to Love Story and a lady came and grabbed her and looked at me and told us to run.

"We've obviously seen it enough so we know what happens in the next song, so we just ran.

"By the time we got to the stage, 22 was already playing so we had no notice and they just put her up there.

The moment Taylor Swift gifts Evie her iconic hatThe moment Taylor Swift gifts Evie her iconic hat (Image: South West News Service)

"When she was running, I heard her ask if she was getting the 22 hat but I didn't answer her because I didn't want to say anything.

"I think she did know but she didn't want to get her hopes up or anything.

"But she's watched it so much on Disney Plus, I think she knows exactly what happens."

Evie, whose favourite song is Getaway Car, went to the concert wearing the exact same outfit that Taylor wears while performing her 'Red' album.

But she says she doesn't know why Evie was picked out of the 70,000 fans who went to the event.

Kayleigh, of Swindon, Wilts,. said: "She actually was the 22 Taylor - we didn't have much time so Amazon Prime did me good.

"I don't know why she was picked - there was a lot of other girls with a similar sort of top on.

"We was on one of the balcony bits but at the front section - so she was quite visible - and she was going for it and dancing her little heart out.

"I don't know if they saw how much she was a fan, but I honestly don't know."

The video of Evie receiving Taylor Swift's hat, can be seen below.