Getting a flight out to your holiday destination can be a relaxing experience, especially if you end up in a situation where your ticket is upgraded.

For those lucky few who have an economy seat boosted to first-class, it can represent a huge saving, and some online creators have shared a way to potentially make your own luck.

There is a relatively easy step people can take whilst they are in the airport to get a last-minute flight upgrade.

How to possibly get a free flight upgrade

In a clip shared on TikTok from Kybe Travel’s podcast, Are You Tripping? former Love Island contestant Antigoni Buxton revealed her travel hack to get a free flight upgrade.

@kybetravel Here’s how to get your seat upgraded for free on your next flight ✈️👀🍩 Who’s trying this??? #travelhack #flightupgrade ♬ original sound - Kybetravel

She explained: “So my friend is a flight attendant and gave me a tip. She said if you want to get upgraded, take a box of doughnuts onto a flight for the flight staff. She said, get on the plane and say this is for you, and they will upgrade you whenever they can. I did it once and it worked!”

YouTuber Zac Allsop also tried out a similar method in buying Starbucks gift cards for the flight attendants in his video 'I Tested Unethical Life Hacks'.

In his case, he managed to get his economy seat boosted to first class after handing out a fair few.

However, whilst the method of buying gifts for the flight attendants has been shown to work, it is not a guaranteed success either.

Head of Marketing, Kate Staniforth at Travel Republic, comments: “Whilst Antigoni claims this hack works, unfortunately in the majority of cases it doesn’t.

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"Flight attendants greatly appreciate it when passengers bring something aboard the aircraft for them. In some instances, this act of kindness may result in a complimentary drink or snack. However, free upgrades are typically rare occurrences.

“If you wish to upgrade your flight, you have the option to do so either before arriving at the airport or upon arrival.

"Check for availability and explore the possibility of an upgrade. If you’re looking to upgrade at the airport, approach the airline counter and inquire - arriving early increases your chances of securing an upgrade. It's important to remain flexible as upgrades are subject to availability."