RESIDENTS have been left 'frustrated' that sound and light barrier by way of foliage has been removed 'without consultation,' and they claim this will have a knock-on effect to the value of their homes.

Residents living at Cardiff Road in Newport, said they had returned from their holidays to find that "trees and foliage had been removed" from across the road over a two-day period.

Alan Purnell, 77, said: "The sound barrier was removed when the trees were cut down, and we were given the original plan for trees, shrubery and works.

Residents have cited sound and light pollution, property value and bird nesting season as some of the reasons for their frustration.Residents have cited 'sound and light pollution, property value and bird nesting season' as some of the reasons for their frustration. (Image: Newsquest)

"Now, it is not only exposed which could prove a flooding risk, but the ecosystem has been affected due to nesting season.

"Not to mention our privacy which has been greatly affected."

Residents like Khaliq Ahmed have been living in the area for almost 15 years. Mr Ahmed, 55, said: "It's just sad when you see greenery taken down - we just wanted to be made aware.

"Did they cut trees down because of safety, or to advertise that the Homebase building is for sale?"

The former Homebase building in Harlech Retail Park closed its doors in September 2023.

Residents that live in the areaResidents that live in the area. (Image: Newsquest)

Janice Turberville said she bought the property two years ago and claimed "it looked gorgeous."

Ms Turberville added: "I can hear traffic more now, there's no sound barrier and no privacy. There were loads of birds there before.

Brenda Williams, another resident, called the site behind the Cardiff Road Post Office bus stop, "an eyesore."

Former Homebase site overlooking the hill where the foliage was, on Cardiff Road.Former Homebase site overlooking the hill where the foliage was, on Cardiff Road. (Image: Newsquest)

The site of the former Homebase was sold in 2022 to British Land. 

A spokesperson from British Land in Harlech Retail Park said: “The team at Harlech Retail Park carried out routine maintenance and tidying of the understory vegetation on Cardiff Road, Newport.

"This was to ensure the area was safer, particularly ensuring the pedestrian path was accessible. As standard practice, we carried out an ecological survey before undertaking any work.”

Cardiff Road Post Office bus stopCardiff Road Post Office bus stop (Image: Newsquest)

Councillor Stephen Marshall, councillor for the Gaer and Maesglas Ward, said: "The local councillors are aware and actioning, the land is private so working with council officers to see what can be done on behalf of the residents affected."

Ruth Jones, the Labour candidate for Newport West and Islwyn, said: “I've been liaising with local councillors who are relaying these frustrations to the landowner, loud and clear. 

“I'd be happy to talk to Mr Purnell myself as it's important we listen and engage with all sides in order to find a solution. 

Foliage further down on Cardiff Road which has been left untouched.Foliage further down on Cardiff Road which has been left untouched. (Image: Newsquest)

“Everyone deserves privacy and a say in the surroundings of their own home."

The following MP candidates in the area were also contacted for a statement: Nick Jones (Conservatives) ; Mike Hamilton (Liberal Democrats) ; Kerry Ann Vosper (Green) ; Paul Taylor (Reform) ; George Etheridge (Independent) ; and Brandon Ham (Plaid Cymru).