HOW much do pharmacies charge to deliver vital medication to you? We find out.

Last week The Argus wrote about how a pharmacy has had to make the decision to start charging delivery fees due to rising costs.

Now, we find out how much pharmacies in Newport charge for delivery (if they offer the service at all).

10 pharmacies were selected to see how much pharmacy delivery charges are in Newport.10 pharmacies were selected to see how much pharmacy delivery charges are in Newport. (Image: Canva)

Five pharmacies offer free delivery to customers in Newport. These are Well Pharmacy on Clytha Park Road, Malpas Brook Pharmacy on Goodrich Crescent, Martin Davies Chemist - Alphega Pharmacy on Caerleon Road, Well Pharmacy at Wednesday House on Caerleon High Street, and Mayberry Pharmacy on Durham Road.

Mayberry Pharmacy also said "We will attempt to deliver once. If the patient isn’t in to receive the delivery, the items are taken back to the pharmacy and will await collection. It can be reattempted, depending on patient availability."

Two pharmacies charge per delivery, or offer annual rates.

These are the JDS Evans Pharmacy on Belle Vue Terrace, and Superdrug Pharmacy on Commercial Street.  JDS Evans charge £4/delivery each time, or £40/year, while the Superdrug Pharmacy charges £4.50/delivery, or £40/year.

Superdrug also offers free delivery to those with a disability, or who are house-bound.

Surprisingly, two supermarket pharmacies, Asda and Tesco, don't offer delivery at all.

Lastly, one pharmacy has said they usually offer delivery but they are working on a delivery backlog as they are at full capacity for deliveries. 

Pill Pharmacy on Commercial Road have said they are working through a delivery backlog.


To find out delivery charges, we called each pharmacy which was open between 11am and 3pm on a Thursday, listed on both Google and Bing, and as close to Newport City Centre as possible.

Each pharmacy out of the 10 was given a phone call in which they were asked how much they charge for delivery, and these are the answers given by their representatives.