The fish and chip shop, Ship Deck, in Caerphilly learned lots about sustainable fishing and how it can help local businesses. 

Earlier this year, Ship Deck was crowned the UK's best fish and chip shop at the National Fish and Chip Awards. 

The Norwegian Seafood Council welcomed them to visit Ålesund, Norway as part of an educational study trip to showcase responsibly sourced cod and haddock. 

The three-day trip immersed the winners in Norwegian fishing culture and allowed them to see first-hand how their produce is responsibly caught in Norway’s cold, clear waters aboard Frozen at Sea vessel, Østerfjord.  

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Ryan Hughes, owner of Ship Deck said: "Sustainability is at the heart of our business, and in the roots of what we do. I’ve been in the fish and chip industry since I was 13 years old, and I’d like to be in it for the rest of my working life.

"Hopefully the next generation, my children, will one day want to take over the business, and so it’s important that we use not only sustainable seafood, but sustainable products more generally to look after our environment for the future. "

“The trip has been amazing, the scenery is breath-taking. To see the passion and care behind the product we serve has been incredible – the fisherman put their heart and soul into it.

"To be aboard the vessel, and see the family operation behind it, you really get that feeling of community. It’s mind-blowing the efforts they put into sustainable fishing.” 

Victoria Braathen, Norwegian Seafood Council UK Director, said:  “Together with our Norwegian seafood stakeholders it’s been an absolute pleasure and truly inspiring to host Ship Deck on this educational study trip to Norway.

"We hope Ryan is able to take his new knowledge back to his customers, and continue Ship Deck’s impressive journey to serve us their award winning fish and chips while demonstrating why responsibly sourced seafood is important for the environment and for the future of fish and chip shops in the UK. We’re sure he’ll enjoy regaling his customers with tales about where their fish has come from!”