Pontypool traders expressed their concerns about anti-social behaviour in the town after police issued a dispersal order.  

Gwent police issued the dispersal order from June 30 until July 2 in light of recent issues with anti-social behaviour in and around the town.  

Jess Leonard, 25, who works at fitness centre Curves Pontypool said: “Our main problem is the Riverside car park. We are a women's only gym and park there. 

“There are always very large crowds of children doing drugs, running up and down. They intimidate a lot of our members. 

“Lots of groups tend to be hanging around our business. There is a lot of police presence, but it seems to be getting worse.  

“A lot of other businesses are also telling us what they have seen outside their businesses.” 

Luke Durham from Duke’s Gaming store said: “It isn’t in the shop here it is outside the shop. It doesn’t really interfere with our life, it doesn’t stop customers, but we do hear about it.  

“It is always shouting and screaming. There was once a blood stain when I walked to the car park. We are open late at night and it is the life of Pontypool high street.” 

An anonymous resident of Pontypool said: “We do get an issue with it, and they are often children. It’s drinks, drugs, you name it. It’s usually in the late afternoon. I don’t think 48 hours is enough - they’ll just come back with vengeance.” 

Lin Jenkins, at Pontypool Glazing Ltd said: “We do not really see anything at our end as we are not quite in the middle of the town apart from a few bits and pieces.  

“Other than last week somebody saying about people hanging around outside Iceland blocking the doors, but I do not really wonder around the town much.” 

Natalie Richards, who works at the Card Factory said: “The police have been called a lot. They do not really bother us, but the police come down here all the time.” 

Gwent police said: “Due to recent issues with Anti-Social Behaviour on and around Pontypool Town, Gwent Police have put a dispersal order in place until 5pm on Tuesday 2nd July.” 

The order was in place in the following areas:  

  • Hanbury Road 

  • Commercial Street 

  • Market Street  

  • Crane Street 

  • George Street 

  • Osborne Road 

  • River Side Car Park 

  • Civic Centre Car Park 

  • Tesco, Lower Bridge Street 

  • Park Road 

  • Riverside Pontypool  

  • Clos Afon Llwyd 

  • Davis Close  

  • Michael Way