Brynmawr traders expressed their disappointment following the news that the Lloyds Bank branch in Brynmawr will close next year.  

Lloyds Bank announced that it will be closing the branch in Brynmawr on February 18, 2025. 

Lucy Harris, who works at Brynmawr Conti Fish Bar, said: “It is going to be bad for the town. I would not want it to shut - it is going to kill the town off. 

“That will be the only bank left in the town. There is no other cash machine. It is going to deter everyone away from the bottom of town. 

“The older customers all use cash. They would have to travel quite far – it would be quite difficult.” 

George Jones, 81, chairman of Brynmawr Social Club said: “There is lots of people travelling up to Brynmawr already to go to Lloyds bank. There is no bank between here and Abertillery. 

“It is going to have a huge impact on the local area. Particularly with the club members of older age. The youngsters use cards, but older people rely on cash.  

“To use a cash machine without extra charges you have to go down to Asda. You used to be able to go to Ebbw Vale, but on market days there are problems with parking.  

“The post office in Brynmawr is still closed - Brynmawr used to be the town to go to in the Valleys.” 

Sian Lake, 62, from King Street Antiques & Collectables, said her store has been in Brynmawr for 15 years.  

“The bank was handy for me there because I’ve got a little shop just down the road. I will just have to go to Ebbw Vale now. We don’t even have a post office. 

“When I first opened it was a lot better – this is the nail in the coffin.” 

Phillip Lane, of Abertillery said: “(It is) shameful, I already travel up from Abertillery every week! Where are we supposed to go now? (I am) still awaiting a banking hub in Abertillery.  

Claire Froud, of Brynmawr said: “I don’t agree with it. I feel sorry for all the people that now have to travel elsewhere to use a bank or who do not drive and are unable to go very far. 

“I feel for the elderly who don’t quite yet have internet and use the bank as a walk in to get advice and money in and out. Brynmawr is slowly turning into nothing - (it is) quite sad.” 

Lloyds Bank said: “Before we close any branch, we look at how our customers are managing their money and using the branch. Most customers are now using 

our Mobile Banking app, Internet Banking or calling us instead. This means they are using branches, including our Brynmawr branch, much less. Because of this, we'll be closing our Brynmawr branch.” 

The nearest alternative branches will be in Ebbw Vale at 25 Market Street and Abergavenny at 54-55 Cross Street.  

The nearest post office is Nantyglo Post Office, 17-19 King Street, Nantyglo, NP23 4JN, 1.1 miles away.  

The nearest cash machines will be One Stop, King Street, Brynmawr, NP23 4AE, 0.01 of a mile away and Asda, Lakeside Retail Park, Nantyglo, NP23 4SL, 0.34 of a mile away.