Creditsafe has partnered with Nuvolt to install electric vehicle charging stations at their UK office in Caerphilly.

The global business intelligence leader aims to boost eco-friendly practices and provide more charging options for staff and visitors.

Creditsafe, founded in 1997 with offices in 14 countries, is highly regarded for comprehensive services, including credit reports, company monitoring, and financial analysis.

Now, Creditsafe has expanded its commitment to innovation and excellence by collaborating with Nuvolt, installing modern Project EV dual electric vehicle stations in their employee car park.

Luke George, facilities manager at Creditsafe, spoke highly of the new initiative.

He said: "We are thrilled with the new EV charging stations installed by Nuvolt at our UK office.

"The entire process from design to commissioning was seamless.

"The end result perfectly aligns with our sustainability goals.

"Our staff and visitors now have convenient access to charging facilities."

Nuvolt’s co-founder and director, Jo Horrigan shared similar enthusiasm.

She said: "We are proud to support Creditsafe in their journey towards sustainability.

"Our innovative EV charging solutions are designed to meet the needs of modern businesses looking to make a positive environmental impact."

Creditsafe aligns with the UK government’s objective of full electric vehicle adoption by 2035.

This project supports not only environmental engagements but also promotes electric vehicle use among staff, increasing convenience for both employees and visitors.

For further details on both companies and their sustainable solutions, visit Nuvolt and Creditsafe's respective websites.