I TRIED a takeaway in Newport and was surprised by one menu item.

Pizza La Rosa, located on Corporation Road, is a local favourite for those in the Maindee and Victoria area of Newport, serving classic fast food including burger meals, pizzas and calzones.

Having visited Pizza La Rosa a number of times, I was curious about their pizzas and calzones - given that 'pizza' is in the name, I assumed their dough, sauce and cheese creations would satisfy that carb-y craving.

Pizza La Rosa, located on Corporation Road in Newport.Pizza La Rosa, located on Corporation Road in Newport. (Image: Google Maps)

I opted for the Calzone Standard, a garlic butter and cheese folded pizza, and a 14" Chicken Supreme, a BBQ base pizza with tandoori chicken, mushrooms, mixed peppers & sweetcorn.

Let me tell you, both of these exceeded my expectations.

The pizza was sweet from the sauce, with a noticeable kick from the tandoori chicken.

Although you can't see the base due to the sheer amount of cheese, the base was crispy while the cheese was oozing and melted in the mouth.

Chicken Supreme pizzaChicken Supreme pizza (Image: Newsquest)

Now onto the calzone. 

When you go to a typical restaurant and takeaway, you get a pizza which is folded in half and the filling is inside (like a pasty).

But Pizza La Rosa created something original - a halved-pizza base with garlic butter and cheese actually on top of the dough instead of being inside.

The cheese was bubbly, golden brown, and had a cheese pull that would take a cheese-lovers breath away.

Calzone StandardCalzone Standard (Image: Newsquest)

When rating, I would give the Chicken Supreme pizza a 7 out of 10, while the calzone deserved a solid 9 out of 10.

The calzone lost a point solely for the fact that it isn't big enough, but then I'd advise you to get two of these.

The 14" pizza is priced at £14.99 while the calzone would set you back £12.99.

Address: 165 Corporation Road, Newport NP19 0BJ

Phone: 01633 264646

This meal was purchased, not gifted, and all views are my own.