HAVING tried Polish food only twice before in my life, I wasn't sure what to expect. However the menu items at this Polish food stall in Newport Market were really unique.

Krakow Xpress, located on the High Street in Newport Market, opened earlier this year, to serve the Polish community in Newport after the demand for Polish produce increased. So I had to try their offerings.

The menu at the Newport Market trader might seem simple but the flavours and combinations are anything but that.

Krakow Xpress is located on the left-hand side of Newport Market when entering through the bus station entrance.Krakow Xpress is located on the left-hand side of Newport Market when entering through the bus station entrance. (Image: Newsquest)

While the menu is regularly changed, you will find Pierogis (dumplings), hot dogs, Zapiekanka (pizza subs) and Knisha (Polish kebab).

Owners Marta and Adrian explained that they serve Polish street food, which is based on food found in Krakow, though they both originate from Warsaw.

Marta said: "The inspiration is from Krakow because we love Krakow it's a very nice city and there is loads of street food there, you know."

Pierogis being fried and cooked to orderPierogis being fried and cooked to order (Image: Newsquest)

What did I try?

As a Muslim, it's rare to find Polish food that is also halal. So I would normally stick to the vegetarian items like the dumplings.

But Krakow Xpress offers something that no one is doing, Polish fast food that is homemade, fresh, exciting, and caters to those that eat halal or kosher.

"We get most of our meat from 4 Seasons Food Store on City Road in Cardiff, a Turkish supplier that does great quality halal meat and we get our bread for the Knisha from there as well," said Marta.

Three items on the Krakow Xpress menuThree items on the Krakow Xpress menu (Image: Newsquest)

As that was the case and after she had shown me the packaging for the halal ham and the chicken, I ordered a portion of cheese and potato pierogi dumplings, the zapiekanka pizza sub with mushroom, cheese and sauces, and the knisha Polish kebab with chicken and salad.

The cheese and potato pierogi dumplings were crispy on the outside as they were fried, with a soft and creamy filling inside and topped with freshly cracked black pepper.

Served with salad and sour cream, the pierogis had a subtle taste but light enough that they would make the best lunch.

Potato and cheese pierogisPotato and cheese pierogis (Image: Newsquest)

Rating for pierogi - 6.8 / 10

Price: £6 for 6 pieces or £10 for 10 pieces

Then I moved onto the chicken knisha Polish kebab. Let me tell you, it was huge.

So much so, that I asked whether other people have ever finished it, and the owners said many customers are able to finish the knisha in one sitting - I was not one of those people.

The bread of the knisha, which Marta and Adrian said they get from their Turkish supplier, was soft and tore apart with minimal resistance.

The chicken was marinated and covered in a spicy rub, and tasted like cumin combined with other warming spices.

Knisha Polish kebabsKnisha Polish kebabs (Image: Newsquest)

The whole thing is filled similar to a pitta, but the filling was to the brim and included lettuce and a variety of sauces, including a spicy one they added to suit my palette.

Rating for knisha kebab - 8.2 / 10 

Price: £8

Lastly, I moved onto the zapiekanka 30cm pizza sub with mushroom, cheese, fried onions, and sauces.

I'll be honest, I wasn't expecting much more than a pizza sub you would get from Greggs or Subway.

Zapiekanka pizza subsZapiekanka pizza subs (Image: Newsquest)

When it arrived, it deserved more than a comparison with those two high street chains.

Not only was the zapiekanka pizza sub from Krakow Xpress double the size of those offerings, but they use a baguette made in a Polish bakery.

Marta said: "I brush the bread with garlic butter, spread the mushrooms, add the cheese, then top with crispy onions and lots of sauce depending on what the customer likes."

"We can even add ham to it."

The baguette was crispy but not hard or too chewy. The mushrooms gave the zapiekanka a meaty texture and savouriness, and it was bursting with flavour from the onions and sauces.

Zapiekanka pizza subZapiekanka pizza sub (Image: Newsquest)

This menu item was so unique, I've never seen it anywhere else but it got a double-thumbs up!

Rating for zapiekanka pizza sub - 9 / 10

Price: £6 for footlong 30cm pizza sub

Newport Market is open from Wednesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 10pm, with varying times for vendors.