A POWER CUT affects more than 1300 properties, resulting in a traffic lights failure on the M4 motorway (which has now been fixed).

National Grid announced early on Saturday, July 6, that a power cut has affected 1,351 properties in Newport, leading to a loss of power for some for more than three hours.

National Grid said they were made aware of the incident at 5.36am on Saturday, due to "a fault on our high voltage network in your area which we are working hard to resolve."

By 6.33am, 1,282 homes had regained power while 69 homes still had no supply.

4 minutes later, at 6.37am, the number went down to 823 homes with power and 528 without a power supply.

By 7.50am, power was restored to 1,240 properties while 111 properties were still awaiting a resolution.

The following postcodes have been affected:

NP10 8AT

NP10 8DF

NP10 8NF

NP10 8NG

NP10 8NH

NP10 8NJ

NP10 8RD

NP10 8RE

NP10 8RU

NP10 8RW

NP10 8TF

NP10 8TQ

NP10 8TX

NP10 8UD

NP10 8UE

Gwent Police also announced that a traffic light had failed on the M4 motorway Junction 28 at Tredegar Park roundabout and Pye Corner in Newport.

A spokesperson for National Grid said: "our engineers are working to get the power returned as quickly as possible.

"We are sorry for any inconvenience this is causing you."

National Grid estimate that the power should be restored to all properties by 10am on Saturday.


At 11am on Saturday, Gwent Police announced that the traffic lights had been fixed, though 34 properties are still without supply.

National Grid has said the power should be restored by 12pm midday on Saturday.

Full details of the power outage, including updates on when it will be restored, can be found on the National Grid website.