There are a range of events happening this summer at Cadw landmarks in south-east Wales.

Cadw, the Welsh government's historic environment service, is ringing in its 40th anniversary with an exciting lineup of activities at some of the most historic landmarks in south-east Wales.

These events cater to a diverse audience, from history aficionados, families seeking entertaining activities, to those simply curious about Wales' rich past.

Over the years, Cadw has safeguarded more than 130 historic sites, making them accessible for the public to enjoy, including Caerphilly Castle, Raglan Castle, Castell Coch, Tretower Court, Tintern Abbey, Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths and Chepstow Castle.

This summer, these sites will be buzzing with various activities.

An attractive facet is that children have free entry with any adult membership to Cadw, ensuring all, irrespective of age, can appreciate Wales's heritage sites.

Caerphilly Castle will host a 'Wonderful Wildlife' event from August 3 to 4 where families can appreciate nature-themed crafts and activities.

Towards the end of August, on 24 and 25, the castle will be inviting visitors to a day brimming with grandeur, fun activities, and exploration.

Castell Coch is set to tap into archaeological enthusiasm with its 'Victorian Excavation' event on July 27 and 28, where attendees can uncover medieval treasures and practice recording archaeological contexts.

A castle fun day will also be held on August 31 and September 1. The Castell Coch events are ticketed due to the limited number of visitors that can be accommodated on site.

Raglan Castle will provide unique access to history with an 'Evening with Katheryn Swynford' exclusively for adults over 16 on July 20. There will be a Raglan Castle Odyssey on August 25 and August 26 with living history groups, reenactments and displays. 'Falconry Days' will take place every Wednesday from July 31 to August 21 and provide majestic displays of birds of prey at the castle.

Tretower Court and Castle have a Summer of Fun schedule from July 20 to September 1 with a variety of activities like arts and crafts to trail challenges.

Also, 'Wings of Wales Falconry' on August 10 and 11 is set to teach visitors about the history of hawking. No dogs will be allowed on site during the event.

There will also be a chance to find out about live in the Middle Ages as a 15th century living history group teach visitors all about life during the period on July 20 and 21.

Tintern Abbey invites its guests to take a plunge into the monks' life on July 20 and August 10 with Brother Thomas the Cellarer.

It also presents the 'Greatest Knight' event from August 24 to 26, which celebrates the life of Earl William Marshal and his influential spouse with medieval re-enactments, displays and talks.

The Roman fortress and baths at Caerleon is planning 'It’s Bath Time' every day from July 20 to August 31.

It allows attendees to explore the remains of an immense natatio or open-air swimming pool that once held more than 80,000 gallons of water.

Finally, Chepstow Castle's summer calendar includes 'Juggling Jim’s Jester School' on July 20 and 21, and 'Chepstow Under Siege 1645' on August 3 and 4, recreating the English Civil War time through guard duties, weapon displays and children being involved in soldier drills.

There will also be a chance to make chain mail on August 13 and every Wednesday from July 24 to August 28, there will be a 'make and take' session.

Further information and a detailed list of events can be found on Cadw’s website.