Labour and Plaid Cymru’s contentious 20mph speed limit scheme was back under the spotlight in the Welsh Parliament again recently.

This time it was to debate the record-breaking petition calling for the £33m policy to be thrown out.

Nearly 500,000 made their voices heard over this draconian 20mph project by putting their names to this petition – the largest in the Welsh Parliament’s history.

Nobody is against 20mph where it is needed, such as outside playgrounds, schools and hospitals – we are against the heavy handed approach taken by the Labour government.

Not only is the Welsh Government’s policy in its current form too extreme, but it is also set to deliver a staggering £9bn hit to our economy.

In lots of places, 20mph speed limit signs have been installed where it simply doesn’t make sense and is causing nothing but frustration and confusion.

Many residents across the region – and even further afield – have been contacting me to highlight these sorts of areas and share ever-increasing experiences of road range incidents.

Only recently a report was released casting doubt on the argument that 20mph speed limits will improve air quality.

It found that there was little difference in particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide levels were higher in 20mph zones.

In fact, at 50 per cent of the locations monitored it showed that air quality had worsened.

Despite huge opposition to the 20mph scheme, ministers in Cardiff Bay are showing no sign of rowing back on this disastrous decision – even though they’ve come out with a lot of warm words and noise.

We’ve heard countless times that the government is now listening to the public when it comes to this policy and that exemptions can be made to the 20mph law.

Yet a recent government review has, unsurprisingly, concluded that most roads do not need reassessing.

Regardless, my work fighting against this policy will continue, and I’d encourage all residents to share their views over 20mph – good or bad – with their local council and put forward any changes they’d like to see implemented.

Newport City Council, Monmouthshire Council and Caerphilly Council all have online feedback forms on their websites for residents to complete.

If you live in Blaenau Gwent you should email and those in Torfaen should email

As ever, if there is anything I can do to help please contact my office by emailing Natasha.Asghar@Senedd.Wales or calling 01633 215138.