A NEW café and dessert store has opened in a town in Caerphilly county borough. 

Burbites Café and Desserts, run by husband and wife team Ashish and Noopur Parekh, opened in Ystrad Mynach last weekend

The café will be selling high-end desserts, Boba Tea, coffee and burritos, among other delicious items, including milk tea and waffles. 

Burbites is offering a range of desserts, including wafflesBurbites is offering a range of desserts, including waffles (Image: Burbites) They had an official grand opening on Sunday, July 7, and are now open daily 11am to 11pm at 18 Bedwlwyn Road, inside the Premier store. 

Ashish Parekh said: "We want to thank you all for your warm welcome. We are incredibly grateful for the support from the entire community. 

"We are excited to be part of this wonderful community and are committed to doing our best to support it. It’s heartening to see the positive response, and we look forward to contributing to the vibrancy of Ystrad Mynach.

"A huge thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement. Together, we can make Ystrad Mynach thrive!"

There will also be a variety of burritos availableThere will also be a variety of burritos available (Image: Burbites) There was an outpouring of a mix of delight and well wishes from the hundreds of people who commented on a post sharing the news of the grand opening to the Ystrad Mynach Facebook group on Sunday afternoon. 

Many people simply said "good luck", while others seemed keen to try the desserts available, saying things such as "can't wait to try". 

Some people who commented passed on their congratulations, and one person added that they "couldn't have picked a better village" to open a dessert store in, while others were already making keen plans to visit. 

Burbites also sells a range of drinks, including milkteaBurbites also sells a range of drinks, including milk tea (Image: Burbites) Burbites had been sharing the countdown to their official opening on their own Facebook page, with equally delighted comments being shared on these posts. 

Among these were comments including "Looks amazing, good luck with the new venture and we will see you soon no doubt", while another deemed that the desserts and burritos "looks yummy". 

Burbites are keen to become part of the local community, thanking each person for their kind well wishes on the posts and encouraged people to follow their journey on Facebook and Instagram.