A FORMER Gwent Police officer has had allegations of misconduct proven. 

Paolo Goharjouy was accused of “discreditable conduct” while serving at the force, and his misconduct hearing took place at Vantage Point House in Cwmbran on Monday, July 8. 

The final decision on the outcome of the hearing was that former officer Goharjouy would have been "immediately dismissed had he not resigned". 

Former officer Goharjouy's "discreditable conduct" amounted to six different allegations, all surrounding contact made to individuals, numbers and websites known or suspected to be connected to sex workers. 

The allegations all took place within the time frame of April 26 2023 to October 16 2023. 

The appropriate authority's position is that the former officer has breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to standard 9, discreditable conduct. 

Under the standard, police officers must behave in a manner which does not discredit the police service or undermine public confidence in it, whether on or off duty.

The appropriate authority contends that former Officer Goharjouy's behaviour, individually or collectively, amounts to gross misconduct.

Former officer Goharjouy admitted the allegations and accepted that his conduct breached the Standards of Professional Behaviour in relation to Discreditable Conduct.

Chairing the hearing, assistant chief constable Nicholas McLain said: "On the balance of probabilities, I have no hesitation in finding the allegations are proved.

"His actions have brought discredit on the police service and are capable of undermining public confidence in policing. I am also satisfied that former PC Goharjouy’s conduct amounts to gross misconduct."

It was also decided that disciplinary action should be imposed, which was considered within culpability, harm, and any aggravating and mitigating factors. 

The former officer was found to have breached the trust placed in him and to have caused "reputational harm" to the police force and the public's confidence in them. 

The behaviour was deemed to be persistent, with multiple occurrences, and considered to be "regular, repeated and sustained" over an extensive period of time. 

Although the former officer was given credit for showing remorse and resigning early, assistant chief constable McLain had "no hesitation" in imposing disciplinary action. 

He said: "This former officer’s behaviour is wholly unacceptable and falls far below the standard I expect of officers in Gwent Police.

"The vast majority of the police officers, staff and volunteers, who work for Gwent Police conduct themselves impeccably and work tirelessly to protect the public.

"They work to combat the exploitation of the most vulnerable people in society, which often includes those involved in sex work.

"Those very few who choose to breach the standards expected of them undermine the public’s trust in policing. There is no room for this type of conduct in Gwent Police."

The outcome from this hearing will now be referred to the College of Policing, with former police constable 2664 Paolo Goharjouy to be placed on the Police Barred List.