Eight arrests have been made and a cannabis farm dismantled during a busy week for Gwent Police's Caerphilly officers. 

Neighbourhood officers from Gwent Police carried out a range of enforcement and engagement activities focusing on the Lansbury Park area. 

Officers in Lansbury Park arrested several men, dismantled a cannabis cultivation and returned a stolen van to its owner during a week of action.

Neighbourhood officers carried out a range of enforcement and engagement activity last week, tackling reports of assault, criminal damage and burglary.

They attended community meetings to discuss any concerns residents have while reassuring them of our ongoing commitment to making our streets safer as well as fire safety days at primary schools.

Sergeant Emilie Hughes, who led the operation, said:

“We have focused our patrols and proactive operations in Lansbury Park, with officers carrying out warrants and making eight arrests in connection with assaults, drug offences and shoplifting.

“We’ve recently seen an increase in reports of criminal damage and disorder in the area, including an affray that saw several men making threats to one another with weapons.

“This resulted in the arrest of a 34-year-old man from Lansbury Park on suspicion of affray, and we seized several weapons – notably a metal pole and a spade – used in that threatening behaviour.

“Officers on patrol made another arrest, this time of a 44-year-old man, also of Lansbury Park, on suspicion of assault, although this was unconnected to the reported affray.

“This man was later charged with the offence and remanded to court, where officers also successfully applied for a criminal behaviour order.”

The team also arrested a man who was subject to a no bail warrant who was later remanded to custody, while another man, 34, was arrested and charged with shoplifting before he was remanded to appear at court.

During the week, two men were also arrested in connection with assault offences, with one domestic violence protection order being granted by the courts as we continue to safeguard the victims.

Officers also focused on other forms of criminal activity, including drug supply and production.

“During the operation, officers were focused on identifying those suspected of committing drug offences,” added Sgt Hughes, “and carried out targeted patrols in areas we believe are being affected.

“Through daily patrols, and engaging with residents at our regular police surgeries, we’re able to gather information around where offenders may be supplying drugs in our communities.

“The public really do play a huge part in helping us build a clear picture, which informs our warrants.

“Officers discovered a cannabis cultivation after carrying out a warrant at a residential property in Lansbury Park.

“After dismantling the cannabis farm, a 34-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of producing class-B drugs, and we’ve also seized plants and growing equipment.”

“Later in the week, during our patrols, we also removed a quantity of class-B drugs from our streets after arresting a 33-year-old-man on suspicion of possession to supply drugs.

“The man, after breaching his licence conditions, has now been recalled to prison.”

Officers continue to work round the clock to protect communities from crime and anti-social behaviour. 

If you're concerned about, or have any information about, crime or disorder in your area, please get in touch with us by calling 101 or sending Gwent Police a direct message on social media.

In an emergency, always call 999.