WORKERS at a Tredegar office furniture company face an uncertain future as the business runs into financial difficulty.

Officials of Desk Link Office Furniture phoned 40 staff on Monday evening and told them not to report for work the following day.

Bernard Avis, 62, of Victoria Terrace, Tredegar, worked on the shop floor making flat pack desks. He said that workers had been on short-time hours for the past five weeks and had not been paid in that period.

Mr Avis said: “As far as I know, I’ve been laid off. The factory manager told me there was no work and this was temporary as they restructure the firm.

“But I don’t know for sure what’s going on because every time we try and go up there, the security lodge doesn’t let us on site.”

Mr Avis also says he had a call from the company on Thursday, telling him he can claim temporary unemployment allowance.

He added: “I can’t see us going back. It’s a big blow especially being Christmas. And I’m 62, so there’s not much hope for me getting a new job.”

Managing Director of the Tafarnaubach Industrial Estate-based company, Mike Bugler said that Desk Link had run into financial difficulties.

Mr Bugler said that one of three funding streams had been withdrawn and it wasn’t able to pay the payroll.

As a result, 40 of its 175 staff have been laid-off. Mr Bugler added: “All employees will be paid and we are working seven days a week to try and get in a positive position.

“We are working hard to secure funds and hopefully provide jobs for as many of the 40 people laid off as possible.”

Mr Bugler stressed the company is not in administration, but staff are working to refinance it.