Maya Prophecy: Discover what 2012 holds for you by Dr Ronald Bonewitz (Piatkus, £7.99).

THE Maya are an ancient civilisation who occupied areas of Mexico and their calendar shows us that there have been four suns. At the end of every sun the world has experienced a cataclysm and a civilisation has collapsed. This book introduces us to the prophecy and Maya warnings for our future.

Now I will admit to almost all of this book going over my head. I'm not personally a believer in this sort of thing but, obviously, some people are so will be interested to see how the prophecy affects their lives. They do remind me somewhat of the Aztecs and at the beginning of the book the author tells you all about the Maya history, which I found fascinating.

Even today the Maya people live in Southern Mexico and try to keep true to their traditions believing that they can prepare for their future through astronomy etc. Our author is a trained geologist and has travelled extensively. He is the author of several books and resides in the UK.