The Rook Trilogy - Paul Stewart and Chris Riddel (Doubleday, £12.99).

FOR those unfamiliar with the brilliant Edge Chronicles, this handy volume might not be the best place to start. Collecting the third trilogy in the series, the Rook saga (Last Of the Sky Pirates, Vox and Freegladers) takes place in the latter years of the series' chronology.

In last of the Sky Pirates sees young apprentice Rook unexpectedly become a librarian knight and immediately be pitched into a conflict with the Guardians of the Night. In Vox, Rook uncovers a sinister plot against the librarians by their old nemesis Vox Verlix. And finally, in Freeglader Rook and the librarians seek a new life in the Free Glades.

While these can be read and enjoyed on their own, to fully appreciate the dazzling adventure and imagination of the stories one is advised to read the preceding Quint and Twig sagas. Readers are in for a treat either way.