SHE'S spent the last few weeks rubbing shoulders with the most beautiful women in the world, but now Miss Wales Chloe-Beth Morgan is back at work in Matalan Cwmbran, full of stories of her adventure of a life-time. Harry Hawkins found out what she got up to in South Africa while representing her country in the Miss World final.

IT'S not all bikinis and lavish parties - well we say not all, as far as the Miss World final in South Africa is concerned.

For the 22-year-old Henllys shop assistant is was a far cry from her day job working in Matalan, Cwmbran, a close encounter with a lion, endless photo shoots and learning how to survive in the wild.

"The first week we were there we were on safari in the South African bush. The rangers took us in to the bush and said to us 'you're lost in the bush, now what would you do?'

"To be fair we didn't have a clue. They showed us how to find water and how to make fire from what's around you. It was really interesting but I hope I don't have to use my survival skills in Cwmbran."

112 young women won the right to represent their countries at Miss World 2008 which was shown live last Saturday.

Chloe-Beth was crowned Miss Wales 2008 in July after beating 57 other contestants during a show at Cardiff International Arena. She flew out to South Africa a month ago accompanied by three suitcases jammed with clothes and essentials.

"I came back with only a handful of clean clothes. I must have worn about 50 outfits during the time there.

"It was mad. I would be getting up at five in the morning to get ready for a photoshoot at seven. You would go to breakfast in these fabulous cocktail dresses and you'd be eating cereal."

The contestants were based in Johannesburg but travelled across South Africa taking part in different contests and cultural activities.

After the week in the bush, where Chloe-Beth encountered white lions, rhinos, a hippo, and a cheetah she moved to Durban before heading back to Johannesburg.

"There was one day when we tried to come out of our room and the rangers came and said we couldn't because there was a lion roaming around."

While in Durban Chloe-Beth took part in her first bikini contest, lining up alongside 108 other bodies around (three finalists failed to arrive). The qualified fitness instructor said she didn't feel daunted "It was just another day," she said.

Judges reveal a top 10 in each round of the contest which involves modelling, fundraising, and sports.

Unfortunately for Chloe-Beth she didn't make the final in any of the rounds and the contest was eventually won by Miss Russia.

Amongst the friends she made were Miss Scotland Stephanie Willemse and Miss USA Lane Lindell and Miss Sweden Jennifer Palm Lundberg, but not everyone was so close.

"I said all along there were 109 of us there but there weren't always going to be 109 friends.

"I didn't have any problems with anyone and I wouldn't like to name names but there were people there I thought I wouldn't get on with."

One of the highlights of her trip was learning more about South African history and admits it was "amazing", "When we were in Soweto there was so much history about how things have developed in South Africa.

"We had a street party in the street where Nelson Mandela had lived and Desmond Tutu had a home there. It was amazing to think two Nobel peace prize winners lived there and I was actually there."

Chloe-Beth retains the title of Miss Wales until she hands over her crown next July.

Until then she wants to concentrate on raising money for the Joshua Foundation.

And whilst she plots her next move Chloe-Beth is living with her mother Susan in Cwmbran and studying courses in personal training and aerobics instruction.

On Thursday she went back to work at Matalan at Cwmbran Shopping and says she is looking forward to a quiet Christmas with her family and boyfriend Jarad.