Robert Ludlum's The Arctic Event by James Cobb (Orion £6.99) BLIMEY, this is a fast-paced storyline! If it's plenty of action and adventure that you like then this is certainly the book for you.

Robert Ludlum brought us the characters back in 2000 and it has received a bit of a reworking by James Cobb. Cobb, you'll be pleased to know, has kept to Ludlum's style and the ingenious plot coupled with the super-fast pace will keep you gripped.

Set entirely in the Arctic a scientific expedition photographs the wreckage of a bomber on a glacier. It appears to be from the early Cold War but insiders soon realise it is a biological warfare platform armed with two tonnes of anthrax.

As with all good thrillers the team discover a traitor within their ranks and because they are cut off from all outside aid things begin to get a little difficult!